Namso Gen is an online free live Credit Card Generator tool. The tool is majorly used in Data Testing, Validation, and design mockups purposes in the field of Payment Gateway websites, Ecommerce, Application Development, Research, and Education. Namso Gen was developed using LUNH Algorithm (i.e Checksum formula). This algorithm is used by all the banking sites for Credit or Debit Card Validation. The tool is used for generating credit or debit card numbers via BIN digits. The BIN digits are Bank Identification Number. owned by any Banking Company. Namso offers a technical solution that assists clients in resolving data challenges during testing and verification.

LUNH Algorithm or Namso Gen Working Principle:

LUNH Algorithms or the Modulus 10 Algorithm are used to verify and validate credit cards. The LUNH algorithm is a checksum method that is used to verify the legitimacy of identity numbers, such as Social Security numbers and IMEI numbers, issued by the government.

Validation of any credit card involves the following steps:

1.            The first six numbers of a 16-digit credit/debit card are used to identify the organization that issued the card.

2.            The individual's account associated with the card is then given nine digits.

3.            The 16th digit is known as the "CHECK DIGIT." The card issuer utilizes the card's 15 numbers to do computations using the LUNH algorithm. A single-digit code is generated using the algorithm. This code should be the same as the “CHECK DIGIT” code.

4.            The card is regarded as legitimate if the output matches the check digit.

How Namso Works?

1.            Visit the website

2.            Enter your 6-digit BIN number, fresh card numbers are generated based on the BIN digits.

3.            You can check the Date and CCV2 boxes, enter your information, and then click the Generate Card button.

4.            Namso-Gen tool generates valid credit card numbers for any issuer such as AMEX, MASTER CARDS, Visa, and Discover using BIN numbers and the LUNH algorithm.

5.The generated credit card numbers are used by clients for testing purposes based on their requirements.

The output of card numbers can be exported to JSON, CSV, or XML file format. Cards can be generated in bulk up to 999 in just one click.

The legitimacy of Namso Gen:

Namso generated cards are not actual company-issued cards; they have no real life. The solution does not provide the card with real money or authority. The usage of these cards for testing purposes is legal.

Namso Gen does not promote any illegal or fraudulent activity.

Namso's Services:

1.            Card Security tips- The Namso website will provide all the tips and tricks to stay from any kind of malicious or phishing act occurring Online. To Know more.

2.            Provide a wide knowledge of Credit Cards based on interest, and rewards parameters, which help users to opt for the best cards. Check out more

3.            Advisory on Bankruptcy and insolvency. Click here.

4.            Namso Credit Card Generator can produce cards for more than 21 Company issued cards such as TIA, SYNCHRONY, ALLIANT, and DISCOVER, etc.

Alternatives to Namso-Gen

Namso is a safe, secure, and convenient tool that does not request or contain any personal information. There are numerous Random credit card generator tools available online, but none are as effective or secure as Namso. Namso is a user-friendly tool with all of the information needed for client comprehension available on their website.

Namso-Gen provides a valid card number along with the CVV and expiration date.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

1.            Namso-Gen does not contain any information of the individual apart from the information provided by clients during business communication such as email.

2.            Client data is solely utilized for the card validation process and is not shared with anyone else.

3.            Namso-Gen may contact you via email in the future to promote new services or features.

4.            Namso-Gen uses Google Analytics to collect or access a few pieces of information to monitor the operation of this website and provide a more personalized user experience.

5.            On the site, users can see adverts that may contain links to other websites. Each of these websites has its own set of privacy and customer service policies.

You have some data protection rights if you live in the European Economic Area (EEA). Please contact us if you want to know what Personal Information we have about you and if you want it removed from our systems.

The following data protection rights apply to you in certain circumstances:

●            The right to modify the data i.e access, update or delete the information we have on you.

●            The right of rectification.

●            The right to object.

●            The right of restriction.

●            The right to data portability.

●            The right to withdraw consent.

Disclosure of Data:

Namso-Gen opposes all forms of misbehavior, illegality, and deception. The website complies with all of the government's IT standards and regulations. If any offense is committed by site users, Namso-gen will comply and cooperate with the government in disclosing personal information.

In the event of any misconduct by a user of this website, while using our services, Namso-gen may reveal identifiable information to third-party suppliers. The privacy policies are updated regularly and are guaranteed to comply with legislative regulations.


The credit card is devoid of worth and life. All of the cards created with our tools should only be used for testing and research. Transactional records are not kept on the card. If someone uses Namso-generated card numbers to safeguard their actual issued card, they may expose themselves to Internet vulnerability.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please use the contact page to get in touch with us.Contact us or send an email to [email protected]